Ministry through Blogging!

It was a week ago that we sat listening to Trey Morgan as he spoke about blogging as a ministry.  It was refreshing to see how God has worked amazingly through this man.  To meet him, you realize the gentle spirit and fire of encouragement he breathes.  There is no doubt as to why he was named the 2008 TheoBloggers Blogger of the Year.trey

As Trey spoke, he encouraged the crowd with his stories.  He told of how he popularized his blog by giveaways and through writing about things people on the internet would be searching for.  Some of his popular search items: improving my marriage, dealing with porn in a relationship, troubled marriages, going back to church, and sexting(look it up if you want to know).  All big things that people would be looking for help with.  That’s why he is so hip!

One thing that struck me was not only the influence of his blog on people all around the country, but his influence right in his own home town of Childress, TX.  I have noticed in the past that he has written about people that are his kids teachers or people in the community.  Get people involved with your blog and they get involved with your community.  What a ministry concept!

It was easy to see that Mr. Morgan gets involved.  He is active.  He is a part of the community.  He is personable and encouraging.  He wouldn’t even shake my hand, he insisted on a hug!

I enjoyed listening to his stories of how powerful a ministry his blog has become!.  Many people who take up blogging want to make an impact on the eyes that grace the pages of their blog.  I encourage anyone who blogs and desires to have a spiritual impact, go here and get a copy of the session Trey Morgan presented.  You’ll laugh and you’ll cry because you never know who is on the other side of the screen reading your words, seeking a friend!

One thing that I heard constantly was, “if you are a minister, you should have a blog!”  It gets you out there, makes  you personable, makes your thoughts known, makes you real!  Another great piece of advice, keep it simple.  No long diatribes.  No boring synopsis.  Just keep it real and be you.  Draw in your community. (I’ve drawn in all I can in my own local community, I’m branching out)  I don’t get paid, never have, but I do consider myself a minister.  And hopefully, these pages will grow to touch more and more people.

Thanks Trey!


8 responses to “Ministry through Blogging!

  1. Well, we are all in ministry of some form. So we all should be blogging! Trey’s blog is awesome – I know it changed the life of someone I suggested read his blog!

  2. yeah, blogging seems isolated and universal, Trey and his blog are also local, which is awesome

  3. Steve, you are such a gracious person…thanks for this post and for being the encouragement you are to so many. We appreciate it…

  4. Trey definitely reaches our hearts with his excellent blog.

  5. Would love to hear Trey’s message. We are all ministers! Thanks for this post.

  6. After finding it Trey’s blog, I was immediately drawn in. He definitely has the right idea, “…keep it simple. No long diatribes. No boring synopsis. Just keep it real and be you. Draw in your community.”

    Trey has done an excellent job of that!

  7. Tuck … (and others) thanks for the kind words. Not sure how to make a picture of me blushing … but here you go. :%)

  8. tearsinabottle

    thanks for your encouragement over the last year
    i’m glad you are finding your voice and sharing it with the world

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