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Here is an invitation to get into the conversation.  As I scour the blogosphere, I came across a very unique idea and I really wanted to try it here.

Here are the simple rules.  Below is a question.  The first person who is brave enough will read the question, answer the question in the comments section below, and then they will post a question for the next person who visits to answer.

Come back and join in the conversation.  Come back and see who answered your question and what they said.  Become a part of the community.  Its really simple.  And if you read this, I encourage you to answer the question and ask the next one.  You can ask whatever you want, as long as it meets the decency rating.  Even if you have never left a comment before, here is your chance to participate.  We’ll just see where this takes us!

Lets begin with this question:

What is the biggest prayer that you have had answered?


32 responses to “Join the community

  1. The biggest prayer that I have had answered was finding my wife. I can’t imagine my life without her.

    When have you received Grace?

  2. Biggest answered! Wow! Maybe overnight finding an answer to a really bad liver problem for my dad over night. Maybe a woman who was given 2 weeks to live and then finding she completely completely clean of cancer. Many!!!

  3. Are you willing to follow the Bible for everything?

  4. I will take two questions to get us back on track.
    When have I received Grace ? Besides from my God and my good wife whenever needed, the last month when my neighbor mowed my yard for me the first three mowings of the spring while he patiently waited for me to fix my own mower.

    Am I willing to follow the Bible for everything? I am willing, but the flesh is often weak.

    Next question. What day of the week do you most look foward to, and why?

  5. I most look forward to Fridays because I have always enjoyed weekends with my family (as a child and now as a parent). Fridays are always fun days to be a teacher, too.

    What would you like for us to pray for the rest of this week?

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  7. I’d like you to be praying that God grant us wisdom as we seek to share his good news with the world.

    Next Question:
    Which little-known Bible character is your favorite?

  8. Hey, I might as well get into my own blogs discussion. Thank you to everyone who has participated, this is Great!!!
    What I would ask for everyone to pray about this week is for my dear friend Neva Cooper. She has had a miraculous recovery from blood clots. Today she is talking with doctors about the removal of a spleen full of lymphoma. She needs our prayers

    What is your biggest struggle you are currently facing?

  9. Whoever is next, you get to pick….Sorry Tim, but thanks for the question!

  10. My favorite Bible character is Mary Magdalene. I think she’s a little misunderstood.

    And to answer the second question – my biggest struggle is with my eating habits and weight. I am continuously praying for God to keep working on me as I try to become healthier.

    My question: Do you talk with people about how God is working in your life, or do you just keep it to yourself?

  11. I like to talk to others about how God is working in my life. Sometimes it depends on who you are and how well I know you.

    What is something that has blessed you this week?

  12. Listening to my eight year old daughter sing I will never forsake Him during the Sunday morning worship service. The heart of a child is a powerful thing.

    Who, in your life, has influenced you the most in your walk with Christ?

  13. Jacob Mann Jones

    ANSWER: Ron Brown (Nebraska TE’s coach) has been a big influence. Seeing how he is so dedicated to those that he touches – and how he is so open with his faith, but also walks the walk leading by example.

    QUESTION: What do you struggle with the most in living as a Christian in todays world?

  14. I struggle with seeing other people not live the life they should be living in my opinion. I see people who know better living lives which are on the other side of the tracks. It makes me struggle to understand them.

    Christ died so we should be living the best life we can, yet they are living a life outside of him.

    Question: Who is Steve Tucker anyway?

  15. Leave it to Gallagher to ask such a question! Steve Tucker is a wonderful man of God who farms, preaches dady’s and husbands! I probably have missed so much more, but this is just a quick answer…not a book!

    What is your best method for sharing the Gospel?

  16. I wish I would’ve seen Trey’s question earlier…I would have said that seeing him blessed me this week! 🙂

    The best method I know for sharing the Gospel is trying to love people like Christ-I don’t know how well I succeed at it, but I know that is what He was all about and how people know we are His disciples…by our love. After all, people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care, right?

    Ok, I am going to break the mold a bit on this one…Who is your favorite superhero (or cartoon character) and why?

  17. My favorite superhero is John Dobbs.

    My question: Do you snore?

  18. I have no personal evidence that I snore. Accusations abound.

    Do you subscribe to the Christian Chronicle?

  19. edit for above comment: preaches dady’s and husbands!
    should read: preaches, is a daddy and a husband! (And not necessarily in that order!)

  20. tearsinabottle

    i don’t subscribe personally but i read one secondhand

    what’s the best movie line ever spoken?

  21. Badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

    When you feel far from God, what helps energize and draw you back.

  22. When I feel far from God, it is when I have moved, not God. He is faithful and remains steady. I have to see where I need to change to return to His side. Knowing He is there lovingly waiting draws me back.

    Why do you assemble with the saints to worship God?

  23. Being able to help one of my brothers and sisters in Christ to walk closer to Him–always encourages and builds me up–reaffirms my faith and inspires me to walk closer to Him also.

    If you could have witnessed one Biblical event, what would it be and why?

  24. I’m a journalist, so David slaying Goliath would be a great event to witness and write about! I can imagine the size of the headline on the front page the next day. And all the David and Goliath analogies that are so cliche in sports stories today would be so fresh the first time you used them. 🙂

    What Web site do you go to most for general news? (Mine is Yahoo news)

  25. I go to the New York Daily News first thing in the morning, mainly because the stories have a little humor to them. Tied for first place is, which I read right after NYDN.

    Would you consider taking a job with less pay if it meant more time with your family?

  26. Ellie,

    I would and have taken jobs with less pay for more time with the family. It always turned out to be a blessing because my income was raised to the previous level and even exceeded it.

    If you could have as much money as you wanted? Who would you help and why?

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  28. If I could have witnessed one Biblical event…it would have been when Joseph saw his brother Benjamin. He was so overcome with joy he had to leave the room to weep. I’ve always been so moved when I read that scripture.

    What is your greatest fear?

  29. Jacob Mann Jones

    My greatest fear is losing one of my children. I just can’t imagine the pain & agony.

    What is your greatest joy?

  30. My greatest joy is being alive and getting the opportunity to watch my children grow up.

    If you had the opportunity to ask God one question, what would it be?

  31. Has my life made a difference to any other christian wish to see if from Gods view point .waiting to see if from heavens lens.

    What is your greatest joy here?

  32. My greatest joy here (on earth) is truly my family. Interpret that answer broadly because of church family is certainly intended too.
    There is no greater joy here than a loving, devoted wife who has given me three of the most wonderful boys I could imagine!

    What have you done today that marks you as a Christian?

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