Comment to Post

One of my favorite people just stopped by and left a comment. As I read it, I thought this would make a great blog post. So, here it is!

Meet Erica Berry. A woman after Gods own Heart. Here is her comment that now is one of my Posts! Thanks for sharing E!

This is a great blog, Steve! Thanks for sharing. This is right up my alley of things I’m interested in. 🙂 Like “preacherman”, I also think it’s so important for Christians to step out of our comfort zones, and then to be aware of our surroundings. There’s probably a lot more “God” in places like Vegas than we are aware of, since he’s so close to the broken hearted. It’s comfortable and easy for us to emphasize not being “of” the world, but we can easily forget what it means to still be “in” the world.

Ben and I were also at 6th Street in Austin, TX last weekend (a smaller version of Vegas 🙂 and it was life changing for me. As you know, that’s totally not my world either. 🙂 I definitely did not fit in with the crowd. But, what God helped me to learn is that each of those people have a story behind who they are now, and sometimes we might come to find out that our stories cross paths somewhere, if we’d take a minute to talk to them.

I learned that God is especially fond of Donald, the homeless man that I met, and of Wanda who works as a waitress and raises her teenage son alone. I also learned that I’m not so different from the two of them, except that they’ve seen a lot tougher things than I’ve ever seen. I was able to have an hour-long conversation with each of them, and as it turned out, they richly blessed my life. Ironic.

I think I’ll write a blog about my experience in Austin, too. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration. I miss you guys!! See you at the wedding in a few weeks!


2 responses to “Comment to Post

  1. Whoa, thanks for posting that. My comment was pretty much the size of a normal blog. Ha! You are one of my favorite people, too. 🙂

  2. Elisabeth H. is making it almost impossiable for me to continue watching The View, which I enjoy, most of the time. Barbara W. said, sarcastically, today that they really missed her while she was on maternity leave. The comment was in response to E.’s constant arrogant, rude, overbearing, irritating, and argumentative remarks. Please, someone must have the power to stop her, school her, or train her on how to respectfully interact in a rational discussion. I am so very tired of her antagonistic attitude of anything that is not the way she thinks and believes. I and others are entitled to our “views” and beliefs. But, if they are not E.’s, they are greated by her comments that are unkind and disrespectful to anyone that does not hold her same opinion. Doesn’t anyone see or experience this other than me.

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