Can I make a proposal?

By the power invested in me…  Well, I’m only taking the power from this blog to broadcast a proposal.

By now, many of us have most of our Christmas credit card bills paid off.  Yes, the economy has somewhat altered our lives, but, that doesn’t mean that our lives or anyone elses has come to a halt.  Life continues and the rich are still rich and the poor are still looking for their next meal.

It is because of that fact that I would like to make this proposal:  Let the Month of May be the Month of Giving.

It is in your giving that you receive.  If you are up to it, you might find this an interesting take on giving.  Read it like you are Rich!

My friend Trey has started this ball rolling as he has an opportunity for us to help the poor.  My friend Amanda also had a very unique idea in just a small way to give recently.  I too have a request for a great opportunity for you to give coming up in May.  Details will be coming on that.

Giving Medical Attention

Giving Medical Attention

So, if you are aboard the proposal, let me know. For just one month, after hearing all around us how miserable we are and how hopeless our future is, let us turn the table off of us and focus on those who truly have a need.  I look forward to hearing the stories and what ways you can serve those around you.

So spread the word! May the Month of May be the Month of Giving!


4 responses to “Can I make a proposal?

  1. This is an excellent idea. I will give of my time and talents to charitable deeds in May!

  2. I think it’s an EXCELLENT plan! The Cleft of the Rock will support you with a post once/ week in May!

  3. Thanks for the help Tucker! 🙂

  4. Steve, I am in love with your idea about May being the Month of Giving. I want to kiss this idea square on the jaw. We ARE rich…so rich we don’t even realize it. Maybe a month of being givers can help us detach a little bit from our false identity as CONSUMERS. Blech. Right in line with this idea is a little thing called, “Buy Nothing Day” ( It’s in November, but something cool to think about and look forward to, as well.

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