The Month for Giving

It has started.  How have you given of yourself this month?

American food shipments to help the poor

American food shipments to help the poor

Here is a quick list of google searches on ways you can give:

blood, birth, plasma, quotes, away, money, your life.

It can go on and on. These were just words after typing giving into google.

One of the ways you can give is to give some support to those who aren’t as fortunate as you.  If you can read this on a computer screen, you are doing pretty well.  Just head on over to and check out what he is asking you to do today.

This month is all about being more aware of the opportunities in front of you to make this world a little better.  You can’t stop poverty, it will always be here.  You can’t save the world, but, you can impact your community.

Give thanks in all that you have, focus on where it all comes from, and as I heard it said, “put your hands in to your neighbors pockets, and give like you always wanted.”   Well, that could get you in trouble, but feel free to give in ways you never thought of before.

As you can see, giving can be simple.  It can be complex.  It can be a million different things, and it only requires one thing.  A willingness to do so.

Spread the word, it’s time to make a difference!


4 responses to “The Month for Giving

  1. Let’s not forget the greatest gift we have to share with others: the knowledge of God’s gift of salvation. If we fill stomachs but don’t lead them to God, we’ve done nothing for them.

    This month of giving is the perfect time for us to recapture the idea of holistic giving, meeting physical needs and spiritual needs. Thanks for encouraging us to look outside ourselves.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. I donated $75 to my sorority’s scholarship fund for high school seniors!

  3. Tim, you are dead on! I’m just excited what’s transforming before us.

    Ellie, you just continue to amaze me! Looking forward to meeting you in person my friend.

  4. Loved the video … thanks for all the promotion you’ve given to the Honduras people. 🙂

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