An incredible day

The Spirit of Giving!

It is an incredible day!  Thank YOU to those who went over to Trey Morgans site and gave some money to the effort in feeding the people who have nothing. They say that $25 a day can feed the entire group who searches for food there everyday. I was entangled with following the comments as things progressed.  You have to read about the 3rd grade class and what the teacher, Mrs. Jahnseske wrote.  All my appreciation goes to her and the teachers like her on National Thank a Teacher day!

I chatted with Trey and he didn’t think he would get to $10,000.  I knew it could be done and I encouraged him to go for something big! Seems people want to be a part of something big and meaningful.  And we are almost there.  You can still give to the effort, during this month of giving.  Just click the link and read the page and send in your gift.  It doesn’t matter the size, and don’t think that your $10 gift doesn’t matter, that’s half a days food supply.  I just love how God is using Trey for great things!


Neva Cooper Update

I have been chatting with Neva’s husband Ned via the text message the last few days.  Neva is doing much better.  Her WBC count is still high indicating she is still fighting something, but, she is doing well enough to sit up and walk the hall.  She once again is proving she is a miracle child.  You won’t believe her story and once it gets written, it will bring faith, inspiration and encouragment to those who hear.

Today she was eating her Rice Krispies for breakfast when she was told she needed protein.  She promptly did what anyone would do, she ordered up an omelete.  Shortly after that, the Dr. came in and ordered a test to look around where her spleen was removed and put a kabosh to eating anything else.  Oh well!  Maybe tomorrow!  The prayers worked and she is much better!  She’s an incredible lady.


The Question of the Day

I need your help.  Why this came to me, in the month of Giving as I proposed, is somewhat suspicious.  Have you ever had to give and yet have it questioned on the grounds of an ethical decision?womandeported

Let me give you the background and question and you can take it from there.  Let’s say a woman with 5 kids (ages 9-21) is an illegal immigrant, whose husband is in jail, and is in need of some financial help.  She is a good person, hard worker, and willing to work for her money.  She came here legally and two of her kids were born here. She wants to work for YOU to clean your house for some extra income, but, it has to be done “under the table”.  Her whole personal economy is done through cash.   She has a life here, became a productive member of society and even goes to church. She needs your help and assistance, but at the same time, it is against the law.

What actions do you take?  Can you help this woman? What would Jesus do?

(This is strictly hypothetical.  I had the question posed to me and thought it would be good to discuss.)

6 responses to “An incredible day

  1. I would buy food, clothes and things she needed to get by. That would be a gift and that way I’m still obeying the laws of the land, most importantly…God’s law.
    “To them that know to do good..and don’t do it, is sin.” (Pharaphrased)

  2. I think I need some more hypothetical details in order to know for sure how to answer this. Could you explain the circumstances in which she came to the US legally? Also what is her husband’s citizenship? I have a couple of answers, but need more detail to decide which is the way I would help her.

  3. Larry Bob Lane

    That is easy to answer. Feed and clothe her and pay her wages however SHE wants them. Let the government worry about the law they do not enforce anyway. A lot of these people work for the government.

  4. Okay, I was trying to be too specific (which resulted in my questions), so I will just answer with my first thought. First, I would help her meet immediate needs for food, clothing, etc. However, I would also help her get a work permit by sponsoring her, so that she could work here legally. After that was done, I would see what could be done to help her gain citizenship. The last one would be a little tougher than the other two, but with a little help from God, you can accomplish the impossible.

  5. Jacob Mann Jones

    You give, you help. I don’t think that Jesus would help/not help based upon someone’s nationality or immigrant status. I would like to believe he would help those in need, regardless of why they are in need.

    That’s all we can do as humans – try to help one another, set an example for other and do our best to obery God’s word.

    A person in need is a person in need – there’s no other way to cut it in my mind.

  6. A Biblical example: Ruth (a foreigner) was allowed to glean in the fields, picking up whatever was lost crops, a practice in that day to help foreigners survive. Eventually she became grafted into Israel through her marriage to Boaz and became a regular part of Torah-keeping Hebrew society.

    As an American living in Israel, and unable to legally work here, I often wonder what a modern equivalent of “gleaning” would be.

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