Some busy times

May always seems extremely busy and hectic around here.  Graduations run rampant, it’s spring time, it’s time to plant, and a million other things are happening.

I just returned from one of the Nations premier fire schools.  Every May, Nebraska hosts one of the largest fire schools in the nation.  I have the pleasure of working as an instructor for the Fire Marshals office and had the opportunity to offer up some of my knowledge on Structural Collapse Indicators.  It was basically a class on how to avoid having buildings fall on you while fighting fires.

I got home Sunday night, and prepared for a busy Monday.  I am trying to get corn planted on the farm.  I had to go to the airport to get some supplies for the field.  AirportI thought this picture was kind of cool considering it was taken from my phone.  The propellers were invisible to the naked eye, but in a picture, you could see them.

I then attended my son Tylers Kindergarten graduation/lunch at the park.  TylerGraduatingYou can see his teacher Mrs. Johnson in these pictures.  I love Mrs. Johnson.  What a great teacher!  I was amazed throughout the year as Tyler would come home to share some of the things he had learned.  I thank God for great teachers like this! tyler and MrsJohnson

I am sure Mrs. Johnson is looking forward to the summer vacation! They say the three best things about being a teacher is June, July and August.  Take it easy Mrs. Johnson, get plenty of rest, because next year, you get Kylie!

Later that night, my daughter graduated Pre-School with miss Karma. Kylie and MissKarma I knew I was in trouble when just moments after our arrival,  a couple of boys in her class were begging her to have their pictures taken together.  I made sure those boys knew who I was and I informed them, I had my eye on them!  Their mothers left little in re-assurance by telling me that I will have my hands full with her as she was one they always talked about.  (I think it’s time to upgrade the gun selection in the house!)IMG00127

As you can see, she is a show stopper!

It’s a very busy time.  May you find a way to give in all the busyness of life.  On my way home I had a great visit with my friend Neva in the hospital.  Hopefully she will be getting out soon, but she has had quite the time the past month.  I think we could talk for hours.  It was just as good as being at church!

OK, I am off to the field!  I have neglected my Farm Town on Facebook!  Frankly, I don’t think the bank cares if my Farm Town falls apart, but, he really wants to see a profit on the real farm.

Big announcement coming sometime later this week.  Stay tuned!  I’m off to the field….


4 responses to “Some busy times

  1. you just need to learn how to clean the gun you have remember, the song .if it helps in any way rmember that kylie has always been in charge that will help when she dating . debby

  2. You’re coming to visit me in Childress? That would be a great announcement. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the graduation! And the photo was a good one. It reminded me of a question a comedian once asked: “What if you are an Arab American who sincerely wants to enter the field of cropdusting?”

  4. The little kids in these events are so cute.

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