My Wife is Leaving Me!

But it’s only for a 10 long days.  Thursday night she boards a plane and heads 8000 miles away to Zambia, Africa.

Kid GlobeIt has always been her passion to go to Africa.  Last January, a group was formed under the direction of one of our dear friends Cecelia Stoll, and Arbonne International to make a trip to Africa.  With lots of prayer and planning, it is now about to happen.

She will be heading to Lusaka,  Zambia.  While there next week, this group will work with Family Legacy, a ministry dedicated to helping thousands of orphaned children who lost their parents to AIDS.  Zambia holds acclaim to the most children orphaned to the AIDS virus over any other country.  It is said that for many children, the only gifts they get from their parents is the gift of life, and AIDS. Family Legacy saw a need and has created a large campus to serve the children of Lusaka and the country of Zambia.

Rachel and meI am proud of my wife.  My motto is, “She’s the brains and I am the braun.” I do all the front man stuff, the speaking, the boisterous obnoxious type.  She is quiet, subtle and humble.  And that is why things work quite well around here.  She is the breeze beneath my wings.  When she is passionate about something…there isn’t anything that is going to stop her.

I know you are asking, “How can I help?”  Many of you already have and for that, we are greatly appreciative.  We have raised several hundreds of dollars for the cause.  We personally have paid for the mission trip and the additional funds have been used to support the children.  Many children are going to be blessed because of the efforts of many who are supporting Rachel on this trip.  I will use this forum in the future to ask for your help in the work that will be needed after she returns.  Each one of the 30 kids that she will be working with will need a sponsor.  Details on that will be given to her while she is in Zambia.  Sometime after the 15th of July, I will have more details on how you can help, and become a friend to one orphaned child in Zambia.  The best part is, Rachel will get to personally work with these select children.

For now, I just ask that you keep my wife Rachel in your prayers.  It’s a long way over there, it’s a long way back and nothing is ever certain.  I do know it will be an amazing experience.

Stay tuned, there will be much more to come….


7 responses to “My Wife is Leaving Me!

  1. I am so happy that Rachel is getting to achieve one of her goals. I pray for a safe and productive trip. Definitely mention how we can help the children once she returns.


  2. Awesome! my wife’s distant relative runs some orphanages in Zambia, tell your wife to say hey to Roy and Kathi Merritt if she meets them.

  3. I’ll be praying for her. I know the trip will change her life as I have gone on foreign missions and you come back a totally different person! May God bless her and those with her on this very important trip. And also you as you stay home to care for the ones there.

  4. Amazing women do amazing things, especially when supported by godly husbands who love them. Thumbs up to both of you!

    Prayers will be said for all of you. Lives will be touched, theirs and hers.

  5. Jim Bielefeldt

    I saw your article on CNN and I went to your website. God bless you for all you do to bring us food in this country and beyond. May God also bless your wife and the group as they travel to Africa. Good luck!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe it’s here already! She’s been looking forward to this for such a long time… I can’t wait to hear the details when she gets back! We’re praying for a safe and blessed trip!

  7. I am also leaving my family and heading to Zambia for ten days, from July 11-21, 2009 with Every Orphans Hope based in Lusaka. We will be helping teach at Camp Hope in Chongwe Village. Blessings and safety on your wife as she travels.

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