Thank You

Wake up one day and your world can change.

I am just a simple man.  I live in a small community (ok, tiny).  This morning decides to post a story about twittering farmers.  I was selected along with some of my agricultural twittering colleagues to be highlighted in this article.

Let me thank the author of the story, John Sutter.  He’s from Oklahoma.  He has a grasp of farming.  And he did a very good job.

But, that article wasn’t the end.  Countless numbers of new followers on twitter want to see what goes on here.  I don’t understand.  I hear many travellers going down I-80 who stop in Ogallala, Nebraska say, “Well, this is one boring spot.” or something similar.  My answer to that is, we make up our own fun!

Welcome to all the new contacts and twitter followers and whomever else wants to come by and woller around in my 15 minutes of fame.

It continues with a brief little Skype Interview on CNNlive.  Here is the link to that. I got a call asking if they could do that tomorrow if we could make the Skype connection.  I’m lucky to have internet, let alone bandwith to run Skype, but it went very well.  My internet connection goes wireless about 50 miles before it gets to the main internet tube!

It’s alright, I didn’t want to get much done today anyway.  My family of four children and I are taking my wife Rachel to Denver this afternoon to put her on a plane for Africa.  Pray for her safe travels and the work she will be doing with the orphaned children of Zambia.  Pray for me that I can handle four kids, of which one is still in diapers.  (Grandma will be moving in tomorrow!)

Thanks for stopping by.  I can always use a few more friends!


24 responses to “Thank You

  1. I think that is great; more farmers need to follow suit. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Too many other groups have realized that.

  2. Steve,

    I just wanted to say you did a great job representing ag today on CNN, its not a surprise you have gained so many followers because of it! This just goes to prove that people want to hear what farmers are doing and what they have to say.

    M Haley

  3. yeah, well, I can say I read your blogs and tweets even BEFORE you were famous.


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  5. As a hobby farmer and smartphone geek, I really enjoyed the article about your tweets (and this blog!) I enjoy seeing and reading about the average day of an American farmer!

    I’ve been to the “wilds” of Nebraska. It may not have what cities have to offer in terms of places to go to do things, but Americans have become spoiled and require their entertainment provided to them. My childhood was full of imaginary games and made-up fun. I think we could all use more of that.

    Would love to know if there are more blogging farmers like yourself…I’d enjoy following them as well! Meanwhile, man the fort while the wife’s away! All the best from Virginia!

  6. Steve, When I saw the story on that was tweeted out by several people, I could not have been more proud that they selected you to profile. It has been a real pleasure to talk to you via Twitter and to see your story of how you use social media tools on the farm being published on such a major news network goes to show that the Ag industry is starting to be recognized for all of the great minds that work in it and use these tools to reach out and connect with others. Congrats, my friend! 🙂

    Tweet you later,

  7. I think people are more familiar with Africa than the Kansas. I was really surprised to see a farmer using Twitter from the tractor.

    Keep it up. There is so much I want to learn about farming and life in Kansas.

    More farmers must to this and maybe this will inspire them to take the step.

  8. Like Tim A. I read you and twittered you before you were famous. Congrats. A great interview btw.

  9. I’am a pastor in the Dominican Republic that’s in the caribbean by the way, was raised in New York and when I received a tweet from a follower about the skype interview I decided to view it, but after I saw you, you reminded me of Larry the Cable Guy and I just had to follow you. I’am not really interested in getting followers like some people that follow for refollow plus i tweet in spanish I just thought you were great on that interview and now I can see those pictures you send and by what your wife is doing in Africa I believe you are a God fearing man so I just wanted to bless you and the family and keep it up.

  10. I drive through rural Nebraska farmland to get to work each day. I’ve often wondered about boredom for the farmers, with long hours in the cabs. I love how the CNN story highlighted how farmers are just as interested in communication and the devices that bring us all closer together as our city cousins.

    I hope our president’s promise to bring broadband to rural America is one he can keep. Too many in tiny hamlets are still on dial up and they are among those who need access to a larger world the most.

    Looking forward to following you through the farming seasons!

  11. It was a great interview…and you are a great man. Love ya brother!

  12. Hey Tucker that was an awesome interview! Prayers are with you and Rachel! I know you are both making a difference!

  13. I enjoyed your interview on CNN got a big kick about the fact you Twitter while on the tractor…so now I will follow you on Twitter, it should be interesting… what a great Christian family! Tuesday I will be going through Nebraska, of all places!
    I also would like to say you have a great voice for radio or TV. Tell your wife Good Luck in Africa and God Bless her for her big heart.

  14. Whew! What a busy week you are having! They couldn’t have picked a nicer Twitterati to feature from the ag community. Your tweets reflect your kind spirit and your unique perspective from your life on your farm. It was a thrill to read about you on CNN!

    And you are a seriously brave man (and your wife is also a brave woman)! Good luck with the diapers and the children. I have 4 too – you’ll have your hands full for sure.

  15. So awesome! I told everyone at work about this interview as soon as I heard. 🙂 Way to represent Nebraska!

    Yesterday, we went to a small church outside of Abilene (10 members) and one of the older men started talking about Lonesome Dove and Ogallala, and how he’d always wanted to visit there (not know at all that I was from Ogallala!) He was so excited when I told him. So, not everyone thinks NE is boring. I’m fond of it, personally… great people there. 🙂

  16. Amazing. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Wish we could have connected a few weeks ago. If only God hadn’t made Kansas so big!

    Prayers for your wife as she serves the children in Africa.

  17. UR A ROCK STAR!!

  18. I was curious, as for someone who is a tech person, but is wanting to get into farming or at least rural american living- what are the best choices for internet/wireless where you live? Do you get broadband or do you use wireless internet and wireless phones? Is Verizon your choice or is it someone else. Your skype video was awesome, and I love what you are doing, especially the focus on educating people where their food comes from. Thanks for what you are doing!

  19. Hedgemaster 1

    Don’t you know it’s wheat harvest??

  20. Tykerman1,
    As a Christian who did 40 years in police work in Miami, Florida. Let me just say you are a breath of fresh air. God be with you and your family. Keep up he good work! It’s good for your

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