Getting Caught Up

I must admit, I have taken some time off from the computer.  I apologize to those who find these ramblings so intriguing.  We will make some attempts to put some important information on this page on a routine basis.

The past few weeks have been extremely interesting.  As many of you know, I have enjoyed great fame.  That has led to some other opportunities.  Like this:

Glad to find ways to share my world with you.  You can follow all of the twitter road trip interviews here.

Then the next day after that interview…..

I was recently interviewed for a potential book on Social Media. It’s amazing how Twitter, Facebook, and social media have made the world smaller, and more interesting.

I have really had a great opportunity to make some great friends with the hail adjusters.  Did you know you are audited from the Federal Crop Insurance regulators when you receive a large check from them?  That ‘s so nice!  The good news is, I know everything is up to date and not much to find.  That’s the value of a great insurance agent.

A week ago, we ventured to the Black Hills.  No, it wasn’t for the Sturgis Rally.  I don’t own a bike.  I was surprised at how few of bikes were present.  I hear they are getting upset with how much they are being taken advantage of.  Hotels more than double their rates.  People say that most places make a ton of profit during this week.  I can fully understand why they would want to stay away.

One story about the Sturgis Bike Rally participants.  We stopped for gas at a convenience store in Custer, SD.  It’s not easy for a car to fit in with a flock of bikers.  That didn’t deter me though, I desperately needed the gas.  When I went in to pay for the beverages, and snacks and gas I talked with the lady running the cash register.  She commented on how honest and nice these bikers were.  She had never had one problem with any of them.  That’s not what my prejudicial nature wants to think.  I’m still learning!

Things are back to normal on the farm.  The kids start school on Monday.  Michael starts 8th grade, Tyler is a 1st grader, and my daughter Kylie starts Kindergarten.  Tyler has informed Kylie that 1st graders are “the boss” of Kindergartners.  This should be interesting.  That leaves Trevyn home with me to do all the work.

Let’s keep in touch.  Leave a comment or say HI via twitter.


10 responses to “Getting Caught Up

  1. Hmmmm… Don’t know if my first-grader has yet told his K sister that he’ll be the boss of her. Can’t see that going over very well. We’re enjoying a few more weeks of summer. Wheat is off, soybeans won’t be ready until late.

    Hope your fall is less eventful than your summer was.

  2. Missed your blog posts… glad to be caught up!

  3. Dose she get to ride the bus home with her new boss after school?

  4. Dude, you are a celebrity. I know a celebrity named Tucker… SO COOL 🙂

    I love your tractor set up. The iPod with the fm transmitter. You are SO cool.

    2nd video … not cool.

    My question … would you made more from the crop producing or from the insurance paying off?

  5. I frequently find bikers to be the most polite and helpful people on the road. I don’t ride, but I look at riders differently than I did twenty years ago. They didn’t change. I did.

    Love your blogs. Might be nice to do more of those…

  6. Okay, Steve Tucker. I have listened to every ABV podcast. I know your voice. 😉 And I’ve checked your blog quite often to see if you’ve updated — but no dice! What is up with that?! Have I missed something? Have you moved?

    All in fun, of course. 🙂 Just didn’t want you to think the world was going to let you fade away into oblivion.

  7. Glad to see the the weather has not killed you. You got hit by the same storm that we got in Colorado. Have a good one my friend.

  8. What a change from one day to the next. Enjoyed watching the interview. You must be the most famous man in Southwest Nebraska.

  9. would you please spend a few minutes checking out my blog. I am a farmer who has been raising over 50 breeds of chickens for the past forty years.

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