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Getting the Pledge out and dusting off the ‘ol blog.  Many things are happening!  Wanted to keep you apprised of what is happening.

One of the things I am elated about is my letter being read on the Daily GizWiz podcast with You can listen to it here.

The letter is the last 5 or 6 minutes of the show.  If you love agriculture, you need to here what they say about farmers.  I think they represent the majority of people who eat food.

Dick DeBartolo is MAD magazine!  Leo Laporte is in my opinion, the President of the Internet.  Click their pictures above and you can see more of their work and contributions to this technological revolution.

The corn is all harvested.  It doesn’t take long when we have suffered 8 different hail storms.  Averaged about 40 bushels to the acre.  Only cost 42 bushels to the acre to put the crop in.  Email me if you would like to donate to my “Keep Steve from going broke” fund!

We have had 37 inches of snow already this year.  I mean, really, after 30, what is the use of counting?  I have millet left to harvest.  It is laying in windrows in the field waiting for me to come pick it up with the combine.  Its looking like that might wait til Spring now as we added another inch of snow last night.  The birds will have to wait.  (Millet is mainly used for birdseed)

One final announcement.  I will be going to Honduras next week.  Trey Morgan has convinced me that a couple days there will be a blessing to the people who are less fortunate.  Seems we are going to the dump to have a banquet.  I’ve been to a few banquets before, but never in a dump.  (Yes, I mean an actual dump)  I’ll post some pics and let you know what happens when I get back.


8 responses to “The latest news

  1. You’re going to love it!

  2. Enjoy Honduras!!!

  3. It’s about time for an update! Keep it coming!

  4. glad you are going, can’t, wait to hear about it.

    im gonna do a calendar auction on my blog next week, make sure to tell all your friends before you leave

  5. It’s good to hear from you again!

    1. Alas, I was going to contribute but you didn’t put an account number for the contributions. 🙂
    2. We just purchased a 50 pound bag of white millet for our guineas. They think it’s candy!
    3. I doubt all the snow will look quite as dreadful after you have visited the banquet.

    My prayers will be with you and Trey and the many people you are going to help.

    Welcome back Kotter, um… I mean Steve.

  6. Ouch! Sounds like growing corn might be even riskier than raising sheep …and pigs …and chickens. Heard the GizGuys read your letter on my Nano this morning while clearing away our first real snow — maybe 6″.

    I’m following you on Twitter now so am expecting all kinds of wit and clever comments emanating from the cab of that tractor! lol

    Enjoy your trip! Sounds like a few days off the farm should make a healthy change.

  7. I highly enjoyed reading your blogpost, keep up writing such interesting articles!

  8. would you please spend a few minutes checking out my blog. I am a farmer who has been raising over 50 breeds of chickens for the past forty years.

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