A Banquet at the Dump

Have you ever heard of a more absurd idea?  Last week, I traveled to Tegucigalpa Honduras.  I met up with a group from Childress, Texas headed up by Trey Morgan along with some new friends from Oklahoma.  There we met up with a host of new friends from Mississippi and Georgia.  Our mission: to be Jesus to the people at the dump. It appears that hundreds of people live to survive at the dump site of the Honduran capital city.  Thus, the idea for a feast at the dump was born.

While there, we met some incredible people.  Marc Tindall is an amazing servant.  He with his wife Terri head up Casa de Esperanza, a childrens home for kids in Honduras.  I asked him how he found out about the people at the dump.  We here in the United States would not fathom that people might be hungry and desperate enough to scrounge for food through the refuse at our dump. Marc told of how he was warned not to go there, it was dangerous and horrible.  Then one day, he loaded up his wife, made his way to the dump and when he crested the hill, he said, “we just sat and cried at what we were seeing”.

That morning, we loaded up our caravan and headed off to the dump.   We set up and passed out water to the people.  Many would hold their hands out and ask for “aqua”.  Someone had a soccer ball and the kids played soccer.  A stage was set up, speakers appeared and suddenly, we had us a celebration.  It was such an event that even the Honduran government got involved.  The mayors wife, the vice-President and the 1st lady of Honduras all arrived to the party.  Santa himself even made an appearance.  The tables were set up with nice table cloths, and the meal was served to each person.  The meal was catered by one of the best restaurants in the city.  A three meat meal was enjoyed by those who were hungry.  And slowly, they each disappeared, mysteriously as they came.

It was an amazing event to be a part of.  I want to thank Marc and Terri for the work they do and for letting me be a small part of it.  I want to thank Trey Morgan for sharing the things that are happening there and for allowing me to be associated with this project.  Special thanks to Luis and Martin, two native brothers who transported, interpreted, and worked with us gringos.  And to all the people of our group, my new friends who worked diligently to share Jesus with the people of the dump.

I will have some more stories and items to post on this subject in the near future.  The one thing I have been asked, “are you going back?”  All signs point to yes!  Another banquet is being planned.


7 responses to “A Banquet at the Dump

  1. Amzing work and service to prsons. Cudos!

  2. I’m so glad you got to go. I’m sure the trip was as much as blessing to you as it was to those you served.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  3. that’s great! we need more of that in the world. you rock!

  4. I sometimes wonder who received the greatest blessing, the people at the dump, or you and all the others who served.

    I have followed Trey’s blog about previous trips to the dump. To paraphrase his quote from Mother Teresa, “we all have our own Calcutta’s or Honduras where we live and we can also help furnish a banquet”.

    Continued blessings to you and your family!

  5. Ho, Ho, Ho Amigo! Had a blessed trip. Thanks for having a heart to serve, this world would be alot nicer if there were more Tuckers.


  6. Thanks for the update! My wife and I started talking last night about going next year.

  7. Hey, I heard about this on the radio. Wow! you were there. It must have been amazing. How wonderful to see the hand of God at work, and the civil government even taking notice!

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