Things are Changing

Hey!  Welcome back!

Man this blog thing is something else.  So many things to compete with and so many things competing.  Twitter, Facebook on one side.  Family and Work on the other side.  Somewhere, a blog fills in the gap.

Here is a few items of my interest…. see if they interest you.

  1. Forecast is for snow tonight in the first week of April.  What do April Snowstorms bring?
  2. Have you noticed that Twitter traffic has diminished.  Entropy comes to mind
  3. People join Facebook, look all over for new friends, post like mad, and then disappear.
  4. My kids grow up way too fast.
  5. It’s springtime on the farm, and I already feel like I am two weeks behind.
  6. I really really love my Motorola Droid phone.
  7. I really sense that there are more God believers and people professing that more openly lately than I have ever seen before.
  8. My kids have grown a lot since I typed number 4.

Glad you stopped by.  I am going to be making some more changes to the blog.  Some more interesting things I have planned.



2 responses to “Things are Changing

  1. I’ve noticed my blog traffic will grow when I post and comment more. Now that winter is ending and planting is about to start, I expect I’ll be posting less, and most likely have less traffic. You’ve got to keep writing to get readers.

  2. I have missed you. It’s posts like this that I love to see. So many people think with farming or ranching that there is nothing going on over the winter. It’s not like during the growing season busy, but that’s when you get the rest of your life back on track! Instead of you in the tractor cab (quite fancy, if I remember) from dawn til after sunset, you get to go to conferences, spend time with those kids & that wife, and get yourself psyched for the next planting!

    Oh, and your kids have grown just since I started typing! Don’t let that deter you!

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