What is the mindset of today’s spammers?  They send emails, they attack blogs like this one.  Probably a few other countless ways of annoying normal simple computer users such as myself.

Nothing would provide more enjoyment to me than to plug their computers tighter than a constipated hedgehog.  I mean, so much spam on their systems they couldn’t even move the cursor.  Do you think spammers ever get spammed?  Do they enjoy it, or do they delete it?  Has a spammer ever bought any of the stuff they hock, or do they click the links and get viruses and trojans installed on their systems.  Thus, more spam attacks.

Who are the people that actually click on spam messages?  Haven’t we seen this stuff long enough to know one when we see it?  Isn’t it time for a new generation of spam?  One that looks like something of value.  I must hand it to them, success rates of less that one percent and they just keep sending and sending.  Or…

is this a scam?  Do anti-virus companies put this stuff out there?  They keep writing programs to infect the simple users systems so their bloated antispyware software will continue to be relevant.  One must question.  One must wonder, where is all this continuing to come from?  It really puts the Energizer bunny to shame.


3 responses to “Spammers

  1. I really wonder about the people that would buy something promoted via spam. That has to be what keeps the whole process moving forward.

    Well, “forward” is a relative term.

    Have a great day!

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. People promoting spam are almost always trying to figure out how to get rich quick. They are often looking for ways to get links back to their spammy sites to increase their search engine results.

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