2010 Dump Fund

This is one of my most favoritist days.  Raising funds for people who don’t have hardly anything to their name and have no clue what to expect is about to come their way.

We have a huge opportunity for just the price of one meal to make a humongous impact on people you have probably never ever thought of.

Watch this video about the people that reside, eat, and survive at a dump in Honduras.

Now, take a minute and visit my good friend Trey Morgan.

Donate a few bucks or a bunch. You can do it here now.  You’ll be glad you did.  I’m hoping we can raise over $20,000 in one day.  With your help, we can.  So help us spread the word too.



10 responses to “2010 Dump Fund

  1. I am unable to open the Donation Website you have listed.



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  4. Well … you said, “we hope to raise over $20,000 in one day,” … I hoped for half of that. It’s obvious that God had MUCH bigger plans.


  5. Kim Robinson

    Steve, Your video is GREAT!! I have just been lost in Honduras memories this week. What an amazing day Wednesday was. I cannot wait to go back. God is so good and He is going to continue to do amazing things at the dump. Kim

  6. What an amazing day Wednesday was. I cannot wait to go back.

  7. We love you daddy like you, oh great collaborative colleagues

  8. Great video and a really powerful ministry. Blessings to all of you involved!

  9. wowww. thank you man

  10. Blog is power !!!!!!!

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