Sick Kids

We have been very fortunate this school year. I don’t think any of our kids have been sick. That was until last night

Now, I don’t want to suggest anything but as I graze across Facebook, I notice that kids are getting sick all over the place. Parents telling the woes of their children’s illness are obviously a sign of the times.

One mother tells of her twins both being sick. That unleashed a fury of comments of consolation. One friend helped comfort the mother by looking at the bright side suggesting that it was good both were sick simultaneously. That way, it was only one week of illness instead of two.

Another mother commended her young child. Her little one suddenly felt the need to regurgitate that last meal in the living room. The little trooper performed well holding it all in her mouth until she could make it to a proper disposal place, avoiding an embarrassing mess in the living room.

And what parent hasn’t suffered through a night of unexpectedly being awakened by a suffering young one? The problem is even more complicated when the youngster fails to speak legibly so one can decipher the actual problem. Of course it is mom who must play the role of nurse and doctor. I try and do my part in the middle of the night by just staying out of the way. But on occasion, I have been brought in for the second opinion consult. Let’s face it, Dads solution is commonly, pump them full of NyQuil so we can all get some sleep.

Sick kids are something that will always be with us. God be with those who hurt right along with the kids, who try and make everything better. I am off to give another dose of the sleepy juice.


4 responses to “Sick Kids

  1. Pepto. Long before there was Nyquil, Pepto Bismol was my mom’s answer to my nighttime complaints.

  2. Paregoric. Upset tummy? Paregoric would settle it. Diarrhea? Yup, paregoric again.
    I think it was made from Opium.

  3. never heard of nyquil for vomiting—-
    thats why I come here–coz I learn good stuff

    peace and prayers brother

  4. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article.

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