A Thank You to Teachers

This is the last week of school in these parts.  Warning to parents,  your kids will be home all day, everyday, for a few months.  I am a little worried as it seems the weekends when the kids are home, the house Sunday night looks like a tornado blew threw the bedrooms and into the living areas.

I want to thank all the teachers for the work that you do.

I posted on Facebook recently that there is one word to describe the K-2 grade teachers at our children’s school and that is LOVE.  I have personally witnessed their hearts and souls being poured out into these kids.  One teacher even remarked that a real teacher is one who at the end of the day has at least one student in which they want to take home and adopt for their own.

What amazes me the most is when I am talking with my children and out of the blue, they comment or amaze me with some fact that I know they did not learn at home or on TV.  I am amazed at how much they are shaped and educated at school.  And even if it is something that is bad that one of their friends may have taught them, I am glad I get the chance to correct it as a parent.

I remember one time making the statement, “I want my kids to fail.”  An older gentleman said, “You WHAT?  You want them to fail?”  I said, “Yes, I want them to fail.  Because the lesson at this young of an age is much less painful than the consequences when they get older.”  I hope they learn to make good choices at this age than when they are teenagers.  When they become teenagers, they will already know the good choices they need to make.

So THANK YOU teachers!  You hold a special place in my heart and the work you do is not going unnoticed.  Feel free to thank a teacher in the comments section below.


2 responses to “A Thank You to Teachers

  1. Mr. Tucker,

    I read about you on a news article online. I was wondering if you might could give me some advice on how to get into farming. I just graduated law school and I want to start farming. I’ve had a herd of cattle for a while but I believe farming is the future. I am about to move back home to Mississippi from Chicago. I am following you on twitter @tigersinthezoo . Hope to talk to you soon.


  2. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.

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