September. The Busiest Month of the Year

September is busy! Kids in school. Every night of the week has something for them. Especially when you have one in HS, two in elementary, and one preschooler. I can’t wait to see how it goes when we have two in HS and one in Junior High. Football, Cub Scouts, Soccer and probably a few more I can’t remember.
Farming isn’t any better. It’s time to drill wheat. Plant it in September, and wait until July to harvest it. Sometimes that is a long 9 months. Then there is millet to harvest. If it rains on the millet which is win rowed and laid down in swaths waiting to be picked up by the combine, then it may take some time to dry. I have harvested millet in March of the next year before. This is all compounded with the fact that I drive by and see the corn is really turning fast and it won’t be long before the combine needs to be switched over from small grains like wheat and millet to coarse grain settings like corn.

No matter how stressed I get about this time of year, it always seems to get done. I just wish there were about three of me.


3 responses to “September. The Busiest Month of the Year

  1. Hi, Steve. This is Carleen Morris.
    Venton Haskins is looking for your home phone #.
    His number is 417-883-8294, or feel free to text Venton at 417-766-2798.

  2. Well, I don’t know what we would do with three Tuckers… but the one we have is awesome!

  3. Nice stuff, simply nice!

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