2010 Dump Fund

This is one of my most favoritist days.  Raising funds for people who don’t have hardly anything to their name and have no clue what to expect is about to come their way.

We have a huge opportunity for just the price of one meal to make a humongous impact on people you have probably never ever thought of.

Watch this video about the people that reside, eat, and survive at a dump in Honduras.

Now, take a minute and visit my good friend Trey Morgan.

Donate a few bucks or a bunch. You can do it here now.  You’ll be glad you did.  I’m hoping we can raise over $20,000 in one day.  With your help, we can.  So help us spread the word too.



An Unplanned Fire Drill

I live in a typical American house, am a typical American man, with a typical American family.  I have four children.  Michael is 14.  He is followed by his brother Tyler (7) and Kylie (5.9) and rounding out the end is Trevyn (2).

As you might imagine, Trevyn is fending for his life with Tyler and Kylie.  The three of them together can provide entertainment whenever they aren’t trying to destroy the house or tear each other limb for limb.  We had an “incident” that I need to document here.

I was enjoying the rain from the comfort of my easy chair in the afternoon.  Michael was off enjoying a youth rally.  That left Tyler, Kylie, and Trevyn to defend the homeland (Tyler’s bedroom).  I was ecstatic with my parenting skill as they were in the room playing rather quietly for quite some time.  (Yes I suspected something was up, but no harm, no foul in my opinion)  But, that was far too good to last.

It happened.  The silence was broken by the shirking of a very loud bell, much like the school bell.  Our fire alarms are heat sensors that once broken, activate the bell.  Suddenly, Kylie darts around the corner, being pushed by her brother Tyler and out the front door they went.  Nevermind shoes in the wet outdoors, nevermind alerting me as to the reason to evacuate, nevermind dragging defenseless little brother out with them, they were doing what they were told to do when the fire alarm rang.

I could not believe that they could have done anything to start a fire in there, but I was concerned as I noticed the shock and horror on their faces as they were saving themselves.  I immediately responded, as the local Fire Chief must do when summoned to an alarm, to enter the room, absent of fire or smoke to find one victim in tears.  He was horrified.  It appears that he had taken a light saber and from the bed, whacked the fire alarm, dislodging the heat sensor disc, thus activating the alarm and setting of the aforementioned chain of events.

I removed the alarm from the wall and silenced the noise maker.  I then picked up the petrified toddler to provide comfort only a father can offer.  However, the sensor was no where to be found, so I had to continue to hold both items in my arms.

We walked back out of the room and into the living room to run in to the previous evacuees.  Surprised that the two of them who were in such a hurry to get out, decided within seconds that it was better to be back inside and out of the rain.

I am glad they knew what actions to take when a warning appeared.  I hope this means they can make the same choices when temptations come later in life.  It is also my prayer they can learn to take others with them, not leaving others behind.  Yet another opportunity to teach valuable lessons to my kids.

Thinking for a Change

I heard the motivational speaker Les Brown on PBS one day say, “get the toxic things out of your head”.  You are what you think.  It’s amazing what happens when you take your perceptions about something, and completely reverse them.

Nothing can explain that more than a couple of videos that I have seen pop up lately.  Oh, they are way too good not to share.  It’s my hope they will make you think…or think about what you think needs to change in the way you think.

Here is the first one.

And then this one


What is the mindset of today’s spammers?  They send emails, they attack blogs like this one.  Probably a few other countless ways of annoying normal simple computer users such as myself.

Nothing would provide more enjoyment to me than to plug their computers tighter than a constipated hedgehog.  I mean, so much spam on their systems they couldn’t even move the cursor.  Do you think spammers ever get spammed?  Do they enjoy it, or do they delete it?  Has a spammer ever bought any of the stuff they hock, or do they click the links and get viruses and trojans installed on their systems.  Thus, more spam attacks.

Who are the people that actually click on spam messages?  Haven’t we seen this stuff long enough to know one when we see it?  Isn’t it time for a new generation of spam?  One that looks like something of value.  I must hand it to them, success rates of less that one percent and they just keep sending and sending.  Or…

is this a scam?  Do anti-virus companies put this stuff out there?  They keep writing programs to infect the simple users systems so their bloated antispyware software will continue to be relevant.  One must question.  One must wonder, where is all this continuing to come from?  It really puts the Energizer bunny to shame.

Things are Changing

Hey!  Welcome back!

Man this blog thing is something else.  So many things to compete with and so many things competing.  Twitter, Facebook on one side.  Family and Work on the other side.  Somewhere, a blog fills in the gap.

Here is a few items of my interest…. see if they interest you.

  1. Forecast is for snow tonight in the first week of April.  What do April Snowstorms bring?
  2. Have you noticed that Twitter traffic has diminished.  Entropy comes to mind
  3. People join Facebook, look all over for new friends, post like mad, and then disappear.
  4. My kids grow up way too fast.
  5. It’s springtime on the farm, and I already feel like I am two weeks behind.
  6. I really really love my Motorola Droid phone.
  7. I really sense that there are more God believers and people professing that more openly lately than I have ever seen before.
  8. My kids have grown a lot since I typed number 4.

Glad you stopped by.  I am going to be making some more changes to the blog.  Some more interesting things I have planned.


You thought I died

Nope, I’m here.  Just so much stuff to write about it was easier to just not do it at all.

So, I will return.  Be warned, I want to do some revamping and do a few different things.

Monday may be the day for shedding more light on the subject.

Just wanted you to know I am not gone.

A Banquet at the Dump

Have you ever heard of a more absurd idea?  Last week, I traveled to Tegucigalpa Honduras.  I met up with a group from Childress, Texas headed up by Trey Morgan along with some new friends from Oklahoma.  There we met up with a host of new friends from Mississippi and Georgia.  Our mission: to be Jesus to the people at the dump. It appears that hundreds of people live to survive at the dump site of the Honduran capital city.  Thus, the idea for a feast at the dump was born.

While there, we met some incredible people.  Marc Tindall is an amazing servant.  He with his wife Terri head up Casa de Esperanza, a childrens home for kids in Honduras.  I asked him how he found out about the people at the dump.  We here in the United States would not fathom that people might be hungry and desperate enough to scrounge for food through the refuse at our dump. Marc told of how he was warned not to go there, it was dangerous and horrible.  Then one day, he loaded up his wife, made his way to the dump and when he crested the hill, he said, “we just sat and cried at what we were seeing”.

That morning, we loaded up our caravan and headed off to the dump.   We set up and passed out water to the people.  Many would hold their hands out and ask for “aqua”.  Someone had a soccer ball and the kids played soccer.  A stage was set up, speakers appeared and suddenly, we had us a celebration.  It was such an event that even the Honduran government got involved.  The mayors wife, the vice-President and the 1st lady of Honduras all arrived to the party.  Santa himself even made an appearance.  The tables were set up with nice table cloths, and the meal was served to each person.  The meal was catered by one of the best restaurants in the city.  A three meat meal was enjoyed by those who were hungry.  And slowly, they each disappeared, mysteriously as they came.

It was an amazing event to be a part of.  I want to thank Marc and Terri for the work they do and for letting me be a small part of it.  I want to thank Trey Morgan for sharing the things that are happening there and for allowing me to be associated with this project.  Special thanks to Luis and Martin, two native brothers who transported, interpreted, and worked with us gringos.  And to all the people of our group, my new friends who worked diligently to share Jesus with the people of the dump.

I will have some more stories and items to post on this subject in the near future.  The one thing I have been asked, “are you going back?”  All signs point to yes!  Another banquet is being planned.